Green Circle Health (GCH) helps employers engage employees and their families to better utilize company-provided services and benefits. This results in lower healthcare costs, higher productivity and increased profitability for the organization.

Fast, efficient,

With our private branded mobile app employers can centralize HR benefits and services into a single intuitive platform for employees to manage all of their health and wellness needs.

Healthy family,
Healthy life

Designed for the entire family, our mobile app helps employees manage their holistic wellbeing and make meaningful lifestyle changes to lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes.


This app keeps employees and their families engaged with comprehensive benefits and services dashboard, rewards and incentives programs and live health and wellness coaching using GCH Live™.

Awards & Recognition

Winner of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge, 2016.

Winner of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Ultimate Connector Award, 2016.

Semi-finalist in Mayo Clinic's inaugural THINK BIG Challenge, 2015.

Hon. mention in Intelligent Healthcare Association Awards, 2017.

For employers Healthy employees deliver better results.


GCH offers single HR benefits and services app to help employers streamline employee access to all HR services and benefits. This drives employee engagement and participation in health and wellness programs which dramatically increases program ROI. By providing the tools to help employees and their families better manage their company provided benefits, employers improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and reduce company healthcare expenditures, thus increasing company profits. Our key offerings:

  • A private branded app for all company offered benefits
  • Communication gateway with bulletin board and secure messaging
  • Manage HR services such as employee training, performance management, recruitment, awards and more
  • Personalized incentives and rewards to drive behavioral and lifestyle changes
  • Private branded service with mobile and web-based access
  • Health concierge services
For employers Health data analysis for care plans


GCH offers comprehensive wellness assessments for physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social, occupational well-being. GCH also offers onsite and in-clinic health screenings to assess population health. In addition, GCH can integrate pharmacy and claims data to better personalize programs for employees and provide a clear picture of overall employee wellbeing. This data is also utilized to offer preventative and corrective actions and guidance for employees and the organization as they develop their wellness goals. Our services include:

  • Customised wellness assessment to focus on goals
  • Easy scheduling and management of health screenings from the App
  • Feedback and follow-up based on assessment and screening
  • Onsite and off-site screening tests and data integration
  • Comprehensive personal and family health profiles
  • Enrolment in wellness and care programs based on feedback
For employers Manage wellness, lifestyle and behavior changes


Healthy lifestyles begin at home with family members working together. Instead of relying on the same old "employee wellness" programs, the time has come for employers to focus on the holistic wellbeing of their employees’ families as well. Holistic wellbeing can be achieved through a combination of personalized wellness and chronic condition management programs. Wellbeing offerings include:

  • Healthy team challenges and wellbeing programs
  • Daily personalized action plan and rewards
  • Weight management, prenatal and pediatric care
  • Behavior changes - Smoking cessation, opioid addiction
  • Involve line and senior management
  • Comprehensive family dashboard
  • Preventive care programs for wellness and chronic conditions
  • Lifestyle changes - Exercise, diet plans, stress management
Better with Health Partners

GCH Live

Health, wellness and chronic condition management services using a digital platform and live interaction with GCH’s certified health professionals. GCH Live services help employers enhance employee health and wellness with consistent, preventative measures and constant follow-up designed to address employee health needs. Health Partner offerings include:

  • Assist organizations to build a culture of health & wellbeing
  • Care considerations per clinical protocols to improve outcomes
  • Services of physicians, nurse, nutritionists and wellness coaches
  • Engage entire family to achieve health and wellness goals
  • Population disease risk stratification
  • Extensive health and wellness education and literature
For employers Customised care for better ROI

MANAGE Healthcare Costs

Organizations can get a better picture of its costs across the employee population and offer appropriate programs and incentives using the GCH platform. GCH enables families to manage wellness and chronic conditions and seek help through GCH Live Health Partners. Organizations can help employees to navigate benefits like second opinions and treatment options using GCH App. Healthcare deliverables are:

  • Risk stratification and plan development
  • A lifetime medical records depository
  • Access from phones, tablets, and computer
  • Outreach and concierge services for high-cost claimants
  • Care programs for wellness and chronic conditions
  • Remote care management with connected devices
For families Dr. Mom will manage it now.


The right diagnosis and treatment require comprehensive health records of an employee's entire family being integrated within a single platform and available at the click of a button. Selective sharing, profile management, and family features make our secure HIPAA compliant app more useful to families and their care providers, thus improving overall care. Families can benefit from:

  • Lifelong health history for all family members
  • Efficient patient matching and record storage
  • Interoperable with various health systems for health profile, vitals, records, and documents sharing
  • Health records from healthcare provider systems
  • Supports Meaningful Use and FHIR based data exchange
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant sharing of health information
FOR INSURERS Healthy people, Healthy Community


Insurers can now design better wellness programs with greater accountability and long-term success. They can offer measurable incentives and rewards to keep Members motivated on the road to better health. Demonstrate leadership by offering:

  • Competitive advantage with real-time analysis and results
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Align incentives with results
  • Increase family engagement and encourage meaningful lifestyle changes to lead a healthier life
  • Reduce healthcare costs for employees and employers
  • Offer benefit plans specific to user needs for better outcomes
  • Improve chronic conditions and holistic wellness
For healthcare providers Higher productivity and profitability.

Improve Care Quality

Accountable care is changing the paradigm of healthcare. Healthcare providers require new pathways to engage patients in their care programs, and generate new revenue streams while keeping patients healthy. Improving care by offering:

  • Streamline registration and check-in process
  • Offer continuity of care management with GCH Live
  • Obtain complete and accurate patient records
  • Remotely monitor patients participating in physician Care Programs
  • FHIR compliant for integrating with hospital EHR, HIE, PBM and more
  • Use existing investment in devices and infrastructure
  • Reduce cost of operations and generate new revenue
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Health Screening for multiple organizations
  • Reduce obesity, diabetes, blood pressure in large populations
  • Improve adherence to treatment protocols
FOR RESEARCH AND CLINICAL TRIALS Better data, better results.

Remote Monitoring of trial subjects

Innovative strategies to improve patient participation in clinical trials and research studies. The GCH platform ensures the subject follows research protocol and reports timely data throughout the trial. Better trial and research offerings:

  • Study care protocols for chronic diseases
  • Attract healthcare providers and patients with a better platform
  • Streamline data gathering and reporting
  • Obtain accurate patient records and vitals
  • Remotely monitor patients and improve compliance
  • Receive alerts and reminders
  • Improve adherence to the trial protocol
  • Support large-scale studies cost effectively



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