A platform for better healthcare at lower cost

Green Circle Health works with employers, families, insurers, health care providers, public health agencies and research organizations to improve health and lower the cost of healthcare.

Fast, efficient,

Health enthusiasts can manage their fitness and wellness needs through intuitive care programs accessible from mobile apps and connected devices.

Healthy family,
Healthy life

Designed for families to manage their fitness needs and chronic conditions for wellbeing, better outcomes and lower costs.

Monitor vitals &

Keeps employees and their families healthy with better incentives, digital coaching and advance monitoring.

Awards & Recognition

Semi-finalist in Mayo Clinic's inaugural THINK BIG Challenge, 2015.

Honorable mention in Intelligent Healthcare Association Awards, 2017.

Winner of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge, 2016.

Winner of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Ultimate Connector Award, 2016.

For employers Healthy employees deliver better results.


Offer health and wellness benefits that work. By investing in the health of your employees, you improve productivity and lower the overall cost of health insurance for your organization.

  • Easy to use, setup goals and rewards
  • Expand employee wellness and benefits programs
  • Care programs for both wellness and disease management
  • Virtual assistant - a coach to guide employees
  • Create and manage custom rewards and team challenges
  • A lifetime benefit for families
  • Healthy families, lower insurance costs
  • Fewer sick days, higher productivity
  • Consulting and training to on-board organization
  • Customizable mobile and web applications
For families Dr. Mom will manage it now.

Family comes first

Healthy lifestyles begin at home with families working together. Instead of relying on patient engagement buzzword, the time has come to focus on the health of family.

  • A lifetime medical history depository
  • Care programs for wellness and chronic conditions
  • A fully secure platform that works from phones, tablets and PCs
  • Deliver accurate forms to front office
  • Share your medical records and vitals with any provider
  • Manage your family's healthcare remotely
  • Get alerts and reminders for vitals, activities and care programs
  • Store all your healthcare contacts in one place
  • Use reminders to never miss an appointment
  • Store your lab results, x-rays, healthcare proxies and other documents
FOR INSURERS Healthy people, Healthy Community


Insurers can now design better wellness programs with greater accountability and success. They can offer measurable incentives and rewards to keep Members motivated on the road to health.

  • Competitive advantage with real time analysis and results
  • Reduce healthcare costs for employees and employers
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Align incentives with results
  • Increase family engagement and bring healthy life style changes
  • Offer benefit plans specific to user needs for better outcomes
  • Improve chronic conditions and wellness
  • Demonstrate leadership by offering solutions
For healthcare providers Higher productivity and profitability.

Improve Care Quality

Accountable care is changing the paradigm of healthcare. You need new ways to engage patients in their care programs. Generate new revenue streams while keeping patients healthy with your ongoing help.

  • Streamline registration and check-in process
  • Obtain complete and accurate patient records
  • Remotely monitor patients participating in Physician Care Programs
  • Generate alerts and reminders
  • Use existing investment in devices and infrastructure
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Set up groups or run pilot programs with ease
  • Reduce obesity, diabetes, blood pressure in large population
  • Improve adherence to treatment protocols
CLIENT SERVICES CENTER Better with Health Partners

Optimizing your health and wellbeing

Health, Wellness and Chronic Care Management Services using digital platform & live interaction.

  • Assist organizations to achieve a culture of health & wellness
  • Partnering with families to achieve health and wellness goals
  • Care Consideration protocols for improving outcomes
  • Population risk stratification
  • Services of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners
  • Services of Nutritionists and Wellness Coaches
  • Extensive health and wellness library
  • New paradigm with integrated platform
FOR RESEARCH AND CLINICAL TRIALS Better data, better results.

Remote Monitoring of trial subjects

New options to improve patient participation in clinical trials and research studies. The GCH platform ensures subject follows research protocol and reports timely data throughout the trial.

  • Study care protocol for chronic diseases
  • Attract healthcare providers and patients with better platform
  • Streamline data gathering and reporting
  • Obtain accurate patient records and vitals
  • Remotely monitor patients and improve compliance
  • Receive alerts and reminders
  • Improve adherence to trial protocol
  • Support large scale studies cost effectively


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